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iDope Alternatives: Top Best Torrent Sites You Can Visit Free


There has been widespread curiosity about Idope’s whereabouts recently. Let me give you a brief introduction to Idope before I tell you what happened.

When it comes to meta-search engines, the Idope search engine ranks among the very best. This service claims that it will not keep tabs on its users. Idope was created as a competitor to Kickass, which was previously the most popular torrent site overall. The creators of Idope asserted that their platform surpassed Kickass in terms of user traffic. Their insistence was based on the fact that it has a straightforward design that anyone can pick up and use. On their front page, there’s a search box where you can type the name of the torrent you want to download.

The user can ask Idope to look through all of the magnet links on the server and then it will return the links that are most relevant to them. The best feature of Idope is that it allows users to search the entire web without leaving any trace of their activity. This website does not use pop-up advertisements, so you can browse without interruption.

The popularity of iDope, however, did not last, and the site was eventually shut down. Internet access to iDope was suddenly cut off. Several people are wondering what became of Idope.

It’s common knowledge that Idope hosts pirated content, and that visiting it is illegal. This may explain why the site was shut down.

Which is why iDope substitutes are still sought after. The search for an iDope replacement continues among users everywhere. If this is what you’re after as well, you’ve found the right piece. We’ve compiled a list of the top iDope spots available right now.

What Is Idope

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind torrent search engine that also allows you to upload and share your own torrent files, look no further than iDope.

You can start torrenting at iDope with just a working computer and a fast internet connection.

Is it possible, however, that this page is no longer active? problems with copying! If you’re having trouble with iDope for whatever reason—perhaps the site is temporarily down and you’d rather not wait to download the torrent files you want—then check out these alternatives; we’re confident you’ll like them just as much.

If iDope suddenly stops functioning, however, you shouldn’t fret. If you’re interested in iDope alternatives, here are a few of the best:

Idope Alternatives:

Because of this, people are still looking for an alternative to iDope. The global torrent community is still on the lookout for suitable alternatives to iDope. Consequently, if you are in need of the same information, you have found the correct page. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best websites similar to iDope that you can check out right now.

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1: YTS

You can trust it as one of the top torrent sites online today. In case you haven’t heard of it, YTS is a torrent site that specialises in video files like movies and TV shows. In fact, YTS’s popularity stems mostly from its videos, which account for a large portion of its daily page views.



RARBG, which has been around since 2008, is a torrent site that offers torrents and magnet links to facilitate file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol.

One of the nicest looking user interfaces, most movies and TV shows have previews and thumbnails to make browsing a breeze. As a result of the site’s meteoric rise in popularity over the past few months, it is now unavailable in the United Kingdom.


3: Torrentz2.eu

The origins of this 2003 metasearch engine can be traced back to Finland. This was the second most popular torrent site among movie and video fans before it was shut down in August of 2016. If used for 13 years, the interface is so straightforward that even a child could use it.

In 2011, Torrentz.EU was established. This URL takes you to one of the many clones and mirror sites that appeared in 2016 and, upon launch, had an index of more than 60 million torrents. Nevertheless, beginning of July 2020, the domain would no longer be accessible, and a backup wouldn’t be ready until November 2020.


4: The Pirate Bay

Since its establishment in 2003, this torrent service has steadily grown in popularity among users worldwide. This is a great alternative to iDope, and it’s especially helpful if you’re looking for torrents of freshly released films. Latest statistics show that about 15,000 new torrent files are added everyday on this website, making it an even more attractive alternative to other torrent sites. A user can reliably find the torrent file they need in the presence of a large database.


5: ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent is highly recommended as a top torrent download site. ExtraTorrent is a popular torrent since it boasts the largest BitTorrent network and hosts high-quality torrents.


6: 1337X

It used to be unrivalled in the torrenting world, but now it’s popularity has dwindled thanks to sites like The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents. To be fair, 1337X has been operating for a while and is a top-notch torrent site.

When looking for a trustworthy torrent site, 1337X is a great option. As far as user experience goes, this website is spotless. This site has torrents of everything imaginable. Ebooks, software, and other resources are all available for download.


7: LimeTorrents

Similarly to iDope, this service excels in providing torrent versions of numerous films and web shows. Users can download torrents from this site at no cost. You only need to provide your email address and a password to sign up. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to ask other registered users or the site admin to post the movie’s torrent file. Yet, the odds of not locating the desired torrent file are extremely low.


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Because of its straightforward interface, IDope has quickly established itself as a top-tier torrent. That poor Idope had to go through what he did is frustrating. While we work to get this fixed, in the meanwhile, you can try some of the links above as possible replacements.

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